Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's finished!

Well, this is my 201st post on this blog. I've moved all my good stuff to my NEW blog, with the easier url addy.

GO HERE to keep up with me!

Thanks for everything! See you on the (other) Other Side!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm ready for a change!

After thinking and debating about changing my blog address, I've decided to do it. It's a small thing, but I think in the long run I'll be happier. Stay tuned!

Thanks for all of your support! And I know I've been "tagged" by Karen, and I'll get to that when I make all my changes! It seems that whenever my life is too busy to blog, that's when I find myself with the most to say!

See you soon!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thank goodness Spring Break is coming!

I'm caught in one of those family rushes...where everyone has something to do and places to be, and all you can do is just hang on for the ride as you cross things off one at a time. For instance, Saturday was the Pinewood Derby, then church, then Monday--taekwondo day (but I had to pick up J at school 'cause she'd finally found my music stand leftover from her band concert in February and she couldn't bring it on the bus) so I went to work, came home for a bit, went to pick her up, came home for a bit, dropped her off at her more advanced TKD classes, then home to clean up the living room so we could find the missing library DVD's, then back to pick her up and drop off H for his classes, then back home to make dinner. Then homework and bed. On Tuesday, I went to do some service for a dear friend who's now on full bedrest to avoid pre-term labor. We (C and I) showed up at about 8:45 to dress her two-year-old and get him breakfast. I did her dishes, set them up with a snack and drinks, folded some laundry, then we left to get C's glasses adjusted. Then we went cruising through the drive-through (C had managed to avoid all attempts to feed him anything useful and wanted french fries. They are one of the six or so things he'll actually eat. Please don't lecture me about his food; it is an ongoing, arduous struggle to get him to eat anything). Then off to work to wrangle kids for about 6 hours. Then scouts for H and Young Women (church youth group) for J. (I should say that Scouts involved dropping H off at 6 at his leader's home, then back at 7 to pick him up. J's YW started at 7 at the Church. Joel took her, and had his own stuff to do--he's the financial clerk at church and he had an audit that night). Then home to work on homework w/H and to feed people. Joel and J came home about 9, so we had our family prayers and then tried to send people to bed. That's always easier said than done! Wednesday was up early for work (I work M-W-F mornings usually, and T-Th afternoons), then home for a bit, then off for a Visiting Teaching appointment (church stuff again....I'll explain later), then a quick buzz by the library, then home by 3:30, with the missionaries coming for dinner at 5:00. Dinner was great, J did an awesome job of cleaning the living room, and then from 7:30 on I worked with H on his biography paper (Albert Einstein) until about 11:00pm. (We are still working on it this morning as I write this blog's due today, and he'll be late to school). I have another VT appointment this morning, then off to work untill about 5:30 tonight. Did I mention that not only is it Easter weekend this weekend, it's also a teaching weekend for me. And I don't have samples ready yet. And my Mom is taking the kiddos (J and H) to Tillamook on Friday for the day. And Saturday is also the Nelson Family Day, with the annual Easter Egg Hunt (which means we need to prepare about 40 plastic eggs for the hunt. I think this year we'll just put a nickel in each egg. It's cheaper than buying candy!) And the Choir sings in Church on Sunday (I'm the choir director, in case you didn't know). Then we take H to Corvallis for an overnighter w/Cousin B. Then Spring Break begins!

Aie-yi-yi! That's a lot of life!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm a Winnah!

The Lovely LlannaLee has nominated me for a "make my day" award. How fun! I like it that my words mean something to someone!
Since it didn't matter much to anyone whether or not I changed my addy, I probably will. I still owe some of you some goodies---I haven't forgotten the blog pif's or the valentine cards....I'll deliver, I promise!

Life's been busy here, lots of church stuff and singing. We were gone Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning. When I left Saturday (Joel had already gone earlier in the day) C (almost 5) came to the window of the van w/his eyes just peeking over the door. I rolled down the window to see what he wanted to say to me. He said, "Just make sure you come back now, Momma." He repeated it about 3 times. It just made me melt! It's one of the reasongs we don't kill him--cause every now and then he's so darn cute!
I have another project to post....but I have to proof the pics first! Want them to look their best for you!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

I need your help!

Okay--some backstory--

When I got all fired up three years (?!?) ago and started this blog, I didn't realize how blog names worked. I gave it a terrible name! (tosdkrn...? what does that mean anyway? I mean, I know!--but it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue or anything.....{btw: it means The Other Side Dianne Kathryn Reese Nelson}).......

Anyway... I set up a NEW blog, with a much easier url: I'm thinking of switching to that url as my new "home" on the 'net. I'm almost at my 200th post, and my 3 year anniversary is coming up, so it's an appropriate time to switch things around if I am going to do so. But that means all of you loyal readers would have to change their bookmarks (assuming you've bookmarked my blog--for the sake of my self-esteem/ego, I'm going to assume you have...) and I don't want to frustrate anyone.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

And as an aside---if you go to Ali's blog and Amber's blog, you'll see some great projects! (got to spread around the inspiration!)

But seriously, leave me a comment and let me know what you think....


Thursday, March 06, 2008

One of the things I've been up to!

Furiously making samples for my upcoming classes at Stampin'Cat! GO HERE to check one of them out!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I'm still here....

and I have a LOT to say! I just don't have the time to write it out.....

"See" you soon!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Nashville Star

I didn't make it. To be honest, I didn't really expect to. It was a terrific experience though, and I'm glad I did it. I'll write a bigger blog post later, after I figure out how to get the pics off my cell phone (yeah, we totally forgot a camera!). My DH and I are already talking about trying again next year.
Thanks everyone for your support!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


THIS is what I'm doing on Thursday. They are coming to Portland, and my DH found out, and encouraged me to try. I have NO expectations whatsoever. I am going just for the experience of trying out. At the least, I'll have a day in Portland w/my wonderful hubby and no kids! I've prepared two songs from the list: Linda Ronstadt's "When Will I Be Loved" and Tricia Yearwood's ('cause I liked hers better...) "How Do I Live (Without You)." I also have The Wreckers (which, sadly, have disbanded so that Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp could again pursue solo careers) "Leave The Pieces" on stand-by. I'll be taking pics and posting about my experiences here after the fact.

Thanks for the support!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Something kinda big

is happening on Thursday. I'll blog more about it later...Curious? Leave a comment and let me know!

Here's a hint: This One's For the Girls! (and it involves one of the big Three TV networks)


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Just chillin'

It's been a full and busy week. We fed the missionaries on Wednesday. I made a cake. Here's what was left:

It was delicious. I used/adapted the Pampered Chef Mexican Chocolate Cake from their current Season's Best cookbook. I say adapted because I didn't have any sour cream and remembered that my Mom used to make an amazing chocolate cake that had mayonnaise in it. So I used that. And some milk. As you can see, it tasted very good!
We had a Valentine's party at school. Well, it was really a birthday party for one of our kids, but we had it on Valentine's day, so that counted. We made V-day pouches and brought little treats for everyone. I made Pirate valentine's for C. They turned out well and made him happy, which is really all that matters. The inside was stamped with "Happy Valentine's Day" and I wrote "from C"

I also got to take him to the "Gilbert House" as we call it. That was a lot of fun. I realized that while I spend a lot of time with him (because I take him to work with me) I don't get to be free and unfettered with him. I'm always walking that fine line between "don't spoil him 'cause I'm his teacher" and "ignore him more than I would otherwise because I'm his teacher." This outing made me realize that I need to spend time with him in places where I can just be his mom.

All in all, a good week.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


The one that started it all: (label says, "Just because I gave you a heart, it doesn't mean I love you. Happy Valentine's Day." This was for my girlfriend's son who didn't want to have mushy valentines. These were the most popular.
My favorite: And you might remember the "Love Monkey" from last year. This one's a bit different, but basically the same idea.

Some of you will be getting one of these Valentine's from least by the 4th of July, as promised!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

I should really say something interesting...

but not sure I have anything!

I'll post pics later of the valentines I've been making. I did some custom graphics for a girlfriend of mine whose son didn't want anything too mushy. They were the most popular!

So far today we've made just over 140 Valentines.

See you Soon!

Monday, February 04, 2008


Just foolin' around a bit w/my DD. We had a good time!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Not what I planned

ARGH! This post is all about frustration!

I feel like ever since I went back to work I'm living the whole "day late and a dollar short" syndrome. I'm always behind at something. Not a good feeling to have perpetually, let me tell you! (I've been sewing an apron for my dear friend Satina since November. Thankfully, she's patient and she loves me)

As I was rushing to get some samples ready for my upcoming classes at Stampin'Cat, I decided to take some pictures of the American Crafts notebook I was altering for the store. I only had about an hour before I had to leave for the 30 minute (or so) drive to Salem to pick up my middle child H at the birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's. My play was to finish the picture frame sample for the Rub-Ons class, add a few touches to the notebook, then zip off on my way. Easy-Peasy. I'd already done one side of the double-sided frame at work that morning--all while fending off the inevitable "Whatcha doin'?" questions by the 15 or so kids in my class that day. (it's fun explaing rub-ons to inquisitive 6 year olds! Really!)

Well, while I was taking this picture:

I hear a little "clink" sound and notice that my sweater knocked over the picture frame. I didn't worry about it, because it landed on a Heidi Swapp mask which was on a stack of foam brushes. Relatively soft. I kept clicking on my work in progress and didn't give it another thought.

Well, I learned the hard way that the people making picture frames for the dollar tree use cheap glass: not good. Not only did I not really have the time to do this over, I didn't have any more of those super cool American Crafts flower rub-ons or the 7 Gypsies word rub-on. After saying a few choice words (Crapinacan! is a favorite right now. Not the most ladylike though, so I'm thinking of changing it) I decided to make my double-sided frame
a single-sided frame. I'd show you the finished product, but I forgot to take a picture of it. (it still turned out really well!) And I forgot to take a picture of the finished notebook (it was even better than the frame!). And I didn't get to the birthday party to pick up H (which was plan B) so he ended up going home with his buddy's dad (who just happens to be Satina's husband). I did make it to StampinCat before too late however. But now I really feel like I owe Satina a few favors....
Sigh. Time to go find that dollar and that day somewhere. Have you seen them?
And that's (the dark side of) the other side.

Monday, January 28, 2008

There was no school today....

So I did this:

which really could only be improved by this:

(that's two more loaves in the oven, in case you couldn't tell)

Yep, thanks to my new mixer, I can make 6 loaves at a time. I've got enough dough for two more loaves in the fridge. It's going to be the wrappings for a freezer meal I've got percolating in my brain.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snow you say...

If you noticed the new banner, then you noticed that it snowed here in Albany. This is a big event. The last time it snowed like this was about 4 years ago. Of course, it never lasts....but that's how it is here in the Rainy Northwest...

I took advantage of the snow to practice a little shutter priority. I've been going through the 12-week Camera Course on 2peas. Great course--well-written, and easily understood. I'm glad to have found it. Download the pdf's!

Here's one with some "stop-action" on the snow:

And with this one, I was going for a blurry look with the snowflakes.
The 2peas blogger prompt was about what skill do you wish you had....well, I want to be a better photographer. I know that I played with shutter priority for these, and my white balance, and my ISO...but it's still mostly guesswork. I don't have all those numbers straight all the time in my head yet. I'd love to be able to size up a photo-op and get all the f-stops and shutter speeds right the first time, without having to keep checking the picture to see what happened. This is coming along for me, but it isn't a skill I have yet.
If you want to see more of my stuff, go HERE. My favorite shot of the day w/my neighbor's daughter is there.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Let me start off by saying that if you live in say, Minnesota, our Oregon idea of cold will make you snicker behind my back....

But for me, it's COLD! We've been averaging high teens to low twenties at night, with the highs in the mid-to-high thirties. That's pretty dang cold for the Willamette Valley! At least it's bright
and sunny outside. And the "normal" did have a chance to subside a bit before everything froze. And if that wasn't enough to brighten your spirits, we have these:
Nothing really brightens the spirit like the sign of Daffodils coming back. That's truly something I look forward too every year. It really makes my day. I feel like I can suffer through the gray rainy days, the "normal" flooding, and all the cold because I know that daffodils are coming.

And that's the other side.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Love is in the Air!

These are my new favorite stamps. Of Course, they are my latest stamp purchases, and that makes them my favorites! I sense fun valentines in my future.....want one? Leave me a comment and tell me how to get your snail mail addy and I'll mail you a valentine!

I'm sure it'll arrive sometime before the 4th of July....


Monday, January 21, 2008

LINK-y to the Book!

HERE is the link to my MiniBook on 2peas. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Resolution Update

The blogging challenge on 2peas for Monday is about how your resolutions are going. Here's a recap:

Exercising more---not sure about the eating less part! (which means probably not!)
*I've been good about Sunday School
*I haven't written any more in my book, but I did name a few characters. That 5 0'clock club is lookin' serious people!
*My "No Caffeinated Soda" (since I only like my caffeine cold!) was going well, but I succumbed on Saturday. WARNING--POSSIBLE TMI AHEAD!!! For the last 5 years I've suffered from really clammy nasty night sweats. Interestingly enough, when I went cold turkey from the Sauce last year, they pretty much stopped. I didn't think much about it. Now I notice, however, that when I have the soda, I have night sweats again. Coincidence? I think not. Just goes to show you that drugs really are bad for you!

I did try to post my "This Year I Will" book in my 2peas gallery, but apparently 2peas didn't have enough memory to do it. I'll have to resize the pictures first I guess. There are a lot of pictures, so that's a lot of time. Time I'm not sure I want to spend right now. But I want to share the book, so SOMETHING will have to be done!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Counter's Back!

YAY Sitemeter! But this means I have to start from zero if you read my blog, go ahead and hit me several times a day!

Just kidding, (no really, go ahead and do it!)

Well, I have a busy couple of days ahead of me....I just found out that my Scrap 101 class at Stampin'Cat had people sign up for it TODAY--the LAST day that you could have signed up for it. I don't have a lot of samples ready, so I'll be getting that done asap. Luckily it's a class I've taught many times, and really enjoy teaching, so that'll be fine!

My "This Year I Will" Paper School class SOLD OUT!!! (Well, really it just filled up---in less than 24 hours! And I have 5 people or so on the waitlist, so Lisa (the store owner) and I just scheduled it again for March. Yippee Skippee! It's a terrific little book---a pop-up book of affirmations. I've been looking for the right kind of mini-album to offer her customers (it's more of a rubber stamp/paper arts store than a scrapbooking store) and I think I've found it! I'll put my pics of the book on 2peas later tonight or tomorrow for you to ogle and ooh and ah over. All kidding aside, this is a book that I'm really proud of--something that I really loved making and love the finished product. I'm working on a version of Craft TV Weekly's "Memories Cubed" (look for it in the archives) presentation for February. I'll let you know how that goes as well!

See you on the Counter! Smiles to you!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2peas Thursday Blogger

Well, it's not really Thursday here yet....but I'll answer the question anyway.

I back up my pictures on my laptop hard drive, my external hard drive, and once a year, I back them up on to discs. I'm hoping to get a dvd-burner someday and back them up onto dvd's.

That's it. I also make sure to print the best of the many, many pictures I take so that at least they are printed somewhere. I know that no digital solution is foolproof, and that there may come a day when I lose everything (knock on wood!) but having already lost some one-of-a-kind, eventful, never to be repeated photos and lived, I think I'll survive if that happens. I'll cry a lot, but I'll survive! Then I'll take more pictures!

Thanks 2peas!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Year

and I'm still here! I've had a dozen thoughts floating through my head.....

but right now, I think I'm too sleepy to type much out!

A recap on my goals:
the usual eat less/move more (I'm back to my Pilates 2-3 times a week, plus my playground workout, plus I'm working to walk the dog more...)

Sleep more (I suffer from chronic/inherited insomnia. I sleep sporadically, and where other people just move into a cycle of lighter sleep--but still stay asleep, I always wake up all the way)

Avoid caffeine as much as possible. (I've learned that my chronic insomnia improves exponentially when I am caffeine free. This is hard 'cause for a long time, a diet pepsi was a big treat for me. It's also kind of a huge WELL D'UH!)

Go to Sunday School (instead of socializing in the foyer)

Some of my do's for the year:
Take more pictures

Sew more stuff

Put things in my etsy shop

Learn to use Photoshop CS2

And.....I'm writing a book! I'd love to be able to post bits of it here for you to read, but this is something I'd really like to pursue publishing and making a "real" book. I've thought about writing a book my whole life. I love to write! It's one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place. I will tell you that it's a work of youth fiction, and it's a retelling of the Snow White Fairy Tale. I'm pretty consumed with it. I have the whole thing mapped out in my head. When I take the time to write, it just flows together. Now to find the time to write....that's easier said than done. I'm actually considering getting up at 5am to write for a few hours when the house is quiet. When I was COMPLETELY ensconced in the pink MK bubble, I scoffed at the whole "5 o'clock Club" idea; now I am ready to embrace it wholeheartedly. Kinda ironic, I know.

My "one little word" for the year is FOCUS. By keeping my focus on what I really want to do, and what's really important, I'll achieve what I'm working for.

That's all for now! Go sleep!