Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thank goodness Spring Break is coming!

I'm caught in one of those family rushes...where everyone has something to do and places to be, and all you can do is just hang on for the ride as you cross things off one at a time. For instance, Saturday was the Pinewood Derby, then church, then Monday--taekwondo day (but I had to pick up J at school 'cause she'd finally found my music stand leftover from her band concert in February and she couldn't bring it on the bus) so I went to work, came home for a bit, went to pick her up, came home for a bit, dropped her off at her more advanced TKD classes, then home to clean up the living room so we could find the missing library DVD's, then back to pick her up and drop off H for his classes, then back home to make dinner. Then homework and bed. On Tuesday, I went to do some service for a dear friend who's now on full bedrest to avoid pre-term labor. We (C and I) showed up at about 8:45 to dress her two-year-old and get him breakfast. I did her dishes, set them up with a snack and drinks, folded some laundry, then we left to get C's glasses adjusted. Then we went cruising through the drive-through (C had managed to avoid all attempts to feed him anything useful and wanted french fries. They are one of the six or so things he'll actually eat. Please don't lecture me about his food; it is an ongoing, arduous struggle to get him to eat anything). Then off to work to wrangle kids for about 6 hours. Then scouts for H and Young Women (church youth group) for J. (I should say that Scouts involved dropping H off at 6 at his leader's home, then back at 7 to pick him up. J's YW started at 7 at the Church. Joel took her, and had his own stuff to do--he's the financial clerk at church and he had an audit that night). Then home to work on homework w/H and to feed people. Joel and J came home about 9, so we had our family prayers and then tried to send people to bed. That's always easier said than done! Wednesday was up early for work (I work M-W-F mornings usually, and T-Th afternoons), then home for a bit, then off for a Visiting Teaching appointment (church stuff again....I'll explain later), then a quick buzz by the library, then home by 3:30, with the missionaries coming for dinner at 5:00. Dinner was great, J did an awesome job of cleaning the living room, and then from 7:30 on I worked with H on his biography paper (Albert Einstein) until about 11:00pm. (We are still working on it this morning as I write this blog's due today, and he'll be late to school). I have another VT appointment this morning, then off to work untill about 5:30 tonight. Did I mention that not only is it Easter weekend this weekend, it's also a teaching weekend for me. And I don't have samples ready yet. And my Mom is taking the kiddos (J and H) to Tillamook on Friday for the day. And Saturday is also the Nelson Family Day, with the annual Easter Egg Hunt (which means we need to prepare about 40 plastic eggs for the hunt. I think this year we'll just put a nickel in each egg. It's cheaper than buying candy!) And the Choir sings in Church on Sunday (I'm the choir director, in case you didn't know). Then we take H to Corvallis for an overnighter w/Cousin B. Then Spring Break begins!

Aie-yi-yi! That's a lot of life!

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