Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Throw me some Love

Well, it's finally happened. After living for several years with the threat of being laid off from Hewlett-Packard, it happened yesterday. On Friday, we knew that the final word in layoffs this year was coming down on Monday or Tuesday. We'd made it through 3 or 4 rounds of layoffs in the past ten years, so we weren't really worried. Joel had barely gotten to work on Monday when he got the word. Of the eight people he worked with closely, 6 were let go through a "Work Force Reduction" program. We'd been discussing all weekend what we would do if it happened, but it was still a shock. I bawled all day long.

We've never been out of work in our married lives. We (for the most part) feel hopeful and confident (and a little scared). Thankfully, HP is giving him a severance package and things won't get dicey for a couple of months. His job at HP ends on December 16th. We've talked about me getting some kind of full time job beginning in January, just to help pay down our debt (and the store's debt). If you know of any IT jobs, let me know!

We are looking at jobs all over the US. If you love your state and think we should move there, go ahead and tell me why! Then link me to some jobs I can pass on to my hubby!

Mostly, since it's early days in this layoff thing, we are feeling more like this is a good thing than a bad thing. No more sword of Damocles hanging over our heads. It's a chance to choose what kind of life we want for the next decade or so, and that kind of power IS a good thing. Joel can finally get paid market value for his work--he's been underpaid for the last 4 years, again due to HP's sneaky policies. My mom said it best when she said that the hardest part about this will be how well Joel and I work together--and that it's more important than ever that we work together and support each other. Isn't that what being a family is all about anyway? Working together, supporting each other, and choosing the future together?

Either way, I could still use some love. I tend to lean a little too close to being scared of this whole thing.

And that's the other side

Saturday, November 12, 2005

More Planners

As promised, here are some more pictures of the planners. These have the clear plastic comb binding (that is really quite kewl!).

I'm behind on my pledge to make one of these a day. Oh well. Here's to another day!

And that's the other side.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Decisions, Decisions

Well, I'm thinking of shutting down my online store. We've been losing money the last few months as sales decline dramatically. And the truth is, with all of the options for online shopping--especially for scrapbooking supplies--I don't think I will even be missed. I'm kinda bummed about that--only because I thought I was doing a good thing with my store, and I like the idea that my store mattered to people.

I think I want to go other directions. For the past few months, I've been designing scrapbooking classes people can have in their homes. I've been working on the perfect compromise between a scrapbook store class and a "home party" class. I find that I really like doing that. I want to pursue it more--just not sure how to start. I've been getting good feedback from those that have tried it. Most of them are beginning scrappers or just occasionaly scrappers, and they like having the instruction without feeling the pressure to meet sales or get a certain number of bookings to get a prize.

Anyway, if you've been a customer of mine--would you miss me? I'd love some feedback. I'll probably move to eBay for some of my inventory--less fees for now. It's funny to be on "the other side" of things and looking to change a bit. Gives you a different perspective and makes you realize that life is nothing but a bunch of choices.

And that's the other side

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Planners and Life

So, as promised, here are pics of the planners I'm making for craft bazaars this year. I'm also teaching this planner as a class at the LSS. I'm going to create a brand for them--based on my love of Italian and my love for paper. I also now own my own binding machine! (Courtesy of my sweet husband snagging it from a dusty closet at his parents house--or maybe it was his Dad's appraisal office? No matter--they don't want it and I have it...yay!) I bought some clear plastic binding combs. I thought at first I wanted wire, but after a series of mishaps at the local staples resulting in the redoing of two planners--(well actually the same planner, but it's been bound 4 times and I had to redo the covers twice because of ripping and misaligned holes--and it's still waiting to be redone because the gal at Staples tore the holes apart by accident)--I've decided to stick with the clear plastic. They look really cool! plus without a large wire, they will fit more easily inside purses, etc. These pics are of the one I made for myself--I'll get some pics of the ones I am selling in a bit.

I am putting the words "Life" and the year on the cover. I like how that sums things up--it's a little scrapbook all about our (my) Life. You have your calendar pages, and then an original menu planning/shopping pages, a page for notes, and what I like to call a "sumpin' pretty" page where you can put quotes or pictures or both.

If anyone wants one, they sell for $22. They have a library pocket on the inside front and back, and a ribbon loop closure that you stick a pen through to keep it shut. I can make it from Basic Grey, Junkitz, SEI, Urban Lily, Pixel Decor, and probably others in my stash. The calendar is a vertical or portrait orientation. (Mine is the opposite) I also use Bazzill. I hope to make a planner a day between now and my craft bazaar the first week of December.

Smiles to all! Enjoy your LIFE--however it's planned!

And that's the other side.