Tuesday, January 09, 2007


So Ali challenged the world at large to think of a word to sum up their year. She talked about how her last year's word was "play" and how it really blessed her life last year, and that this year, she was going for "peace." She's expecting us to have layouts and stuff talking about our word. I don't have a layout yet, but I do have a word.

I started first thinking about things like "balance," "action," "self," and things like that, to go with my resolution for self-improvement this year. For awhile, I was seriously considering "wisdom," since I want many of my choices this year to come from a place of wisdom. Finally, I decided on "Do."

"Do" is a very good word. It can be used to give permission, like "Do enjoy some refreshments." It can be almost a command, like in Nike's famous "Just Do It" ad campaign. It can be an action word--"What do you do?" "Go do something!" For me, as my word of the year it's a frame of mind, a motivation. What it boils down to is this: I want to DO things I have previously only talked about doing. I want to stop talking about things. I want to do.

Do start a lifelong exercise program
Do learn new skills
Do pursue my scrapbooking goals
Do yell at my children less
Do take them more places
Do make food choices from a place of wisdom
Do love my hubby more
Do work for long-held goals
Do start writing stories and books and essays
Do have more regular blog posts
Do sleep more
Do keep a tidier house
Do remember the wonder of it all
Do put action behind my dreams

I hope that all of my readers will give themselves a wonderful new year. With permission to do.

And that's the other side.


Anonymous said...

I think that's a really good word... I am having a hard time narrowing mine down to 1 word... but ehhh...


Dawn said...

Great choice, Dianne. Loved your list.