Thursday, November 29, 2007

DT Application

I applied to the DT (Design Team, for those of you not immersed in the scrappin' world...) for a stamp manufacturer called Inque Boutique. They were specifically looking for scrapbookers who stamp, and I've considered myself a "stampbooker" for most of my paper-lovin' "career", so I applied. No idea if I'm what they are looking for. I enjoyed the challenge anyway. I worked really hard to coalesce my style, represent it well, and still show that I understand a few things about design, like color theory and symmetry, and the visual triangle and stuff like that.
Here are my entries. They wanted 3 layouts, preferably multi-photo, and they wanted their stamps on the layouts. That's pretty much all I used.
I'll find out Monday if I made the cut. I'll let you know....

Monday, November 26, 2007

a few thoughts on friendship...

The prompt for today on 2peas is to blog about your thoughts on friendship. This struck a chord for me.

What I want most from a friendship would best be described as equality and balance, tempered with loyalty. Meaning that you give as good as you get--that you give as much as you take from me. And you speak with me honestly and openly as I will speak with you--without judgement, and that you keep my secrets as well as I keep yours. This hasn't always happened for me; I value it so much more when I find it.

That's really all I have off the top of my head. Seems simple enough---it's basically the "golden rule." 'Nuff said.

Not quite the other side, but close enough.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Friday, November 23, 2007

Hey Look! I made Stuff!

It's been a blurry couple of weeks. I designed a quick make-and-take project for over 100 women for the store's "Designing Desserts" (a customer appreciation event) that was held on November 8th. I also finished up 4 out of the 5 ornaments for my December Christmas Ornaments papercrafting class (also for the store) and made 3 different MiniBooks for my November Paper School class. I then taught a Christmas Card Bar class (for myself--I teach a papercrafting class once a month here in town) on November 10th. I had to have 125 Christmas cards as pre-made as possible so that those taking my class just had to put the cards together. I also made 3 different tote bags for the school craft fair (The craft fair was November 16 and 17...the bags were my own design, for my etsy shop that I'll get up and running before the end of the year) under my Cerulean Blue Goods label, designed my new business cards, designed my own CD Case calendar ('cause I didn't want to sell the Blueprint one at the school craft fair), {TOTAL SIDE NOTE: my good friend printed my cards and calendar for me--so if you live in the area, go to Alphagraphics for all your printing needs. He's done a bunch of things for me, and always does great work!} made 2 reversible aprons (also for the Cerulean Blue line, also for the school craft fair), and did the planner masters for next year's planners--both the portrait orientation (which I prefer) and the landscape orientation (which other people like). And I made the coolest MiniBook I've ever made--for a class I call "A Little Bit Me." (I'll get you a link after I post it to 2peas--there are a lot of pictures!) I've also started rehearsals for our big, annual Christmas Fireside concert for church, which I am the Assistant Director for (and have a solo in this year as well). Whew! Then it was Thanksgiving. And I worked the whole time as well.

Pictures of the goodies to follow--um maybe. Blogger seems to be acting up....

LOOK! It's my first digital scrapbook page! Thanks to PSE 5.0...

And I need to make my class kits for the two classes I'm teaching on Saturday at Stampin'Cat. Which means I really don't have the time to blog right now (shh! don't tell on me!) I'll try one more time, then I'll just have to post it later....Bye!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Some Yummy Thriftiness!

Found these at Goodwill on Saturday. The green/coral/turquoise vintage fabric will probably be an apron for me. The stripey fabric I'm not sure yet. The bowl is just going to sit around my crafting space and look pretty. I LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE that bowl! If anyone out there knows what the makers mark "RP" means, let me know! (that's the only mark I could find on the bowl)

Smiles to all!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Found Jill!

Not that she was lost....


I've been having some fun thinking of all the things I could PIF you guys!