Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A sort of Catch-Up Post and a Clearance Sale

I've been busy! I've been cleaning/rearranging my house, dealing with back to school stuff, helping my daughter get her red belt in Tae Kwon Do, driving for family outings and mini-reunions, hanging out with Karen Burniston, and so on.

I'll write a more detailed post later, but I wanted to say that I've decided to revitalize my online store. Lots of stuff on clearance, and lots more coming. Check out the link on the right to The Cardstock Queen!


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Some Sneak Peeks...

So these are the sketches I created for my Scrap 1o1 Beginning Scrapbooking class for Stampin' Cat last month. I am teaching that class again, as well as a Scrap 201 Intermediate Scrapbooking class in September. I wanted to use the same sketches again...sort of to ease the beginners into a more advanced style of scrapbooking. This time though, to make it (still) interesting, I am using different patterened paper. This was kind of a challenge for me--to use the same sketch but in a different way. I really love how my Scrap 201 layout turned out--really a bit different for me, and growth in the way I want to go. And after fussing w/my pictures for a bit (I had pics I wanted to use, but couldn't for different reasons) I am pleased with my next Scrap 101 layout as well. I'm also teaching my Inspiration Bookmark class as well as my Planner class. I'm really enjoying teaching these classes and learning how to work with a deadline. Definitely skills I'm going to need should I ever get my dream job working for a scrapbooking magazine!