Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2peas Thursday Blogger

Well, it's not really Thursday here yet....but I'll answer the question anyway.

I back up my pictures on my laptop hard drive, my external hard drive, and once a year, I back them up on to discs. I'm hoping to get a dvd-burner someday and back them up onto dvd's.

That's it. I also make sure to print the best of the many, many pictures I take so that at least they are printed somewhere. I know that no digital solution is foolproof, and that there may come a day when I lose everything (knock on wood!) but having already lost some one-of-a-kind, eventful, never to be repeated photos and lived, I think I'll survive if that happens. I'll cry a lot, but I'll survive! Then I'll take more pictures!

Thanks 2peas!


Sarah C. said...

Your backup is similar to mine. :) I'm starting to burn DVDs because I can no longer fit a year's worth on one CD!

Sherry said...

I would backup more, I lost a lot of photos about a month ago, and i didn't have them saved. :(

Linda said...

That is a good backup plan. Hopefully you won't have another loss.