Sunday, April 09, 2006


So I'm in a weird sort of mood. I went on a "personal retreat" to the Oregon Coast with a dear friend. Got a lot of talking done. She's in the mental health field, so lot of it was good, but it's been making me think a lot. (And you guys should really check out Seaside Scents and check out their fragrance oils--YUMMMY! I esp. like their Vanilla Musk, Lime and Coconut, Laura's peach cobbler, and the Lemon Verbena Mint hand cream.)

The bottom line: I just want more from my life. But at this point, I'm not sure I have the energy to do it. Or even if I could say WHAT exactly I want MORE of!

I'm reminded of the title line from the Jack Nicholson movie, where the main characters look around and say, "Maybe this is as good as it gets" I've been looking around and I think that if the way my life is right now is as good as it gets...I'm not sure that's what I want. I love my kids and my husband and a lot of things in my life--but I'm not liking the clutter and the bickery fights my dh and I seem to be having more often and the pervading sense that I should be doing something more--even though I don't know what that is.

I'll have to get back to you on that one.

And that's the other side for today.

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Michelle said...

I've had the same thoughts lately.. I should be doing more..more what??? still working on it :)