Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ooh! Forgot to tell you!

I decided I needed a professional look for my classes, so I bought myself this apron from a local company called Beelart Embroidery . Beautiful work, and Colleen the owner/embroideress extraordinaire even rushed the job and delivered it to me personally. I plan to order some more--I want a longer apron just for kicks. (this is the shorter one, like you see in restaurants....) Good stuff though! If you are looking for something similar (or bags, blankets, other good stuff), I recommend them wholeheartedly!



Cami said...

At first when I looked at this post, I was like "huh" what"???
so then I looked at previous posts. Apparently I missed the one saying The Cardstock Queen is Coming Back! lol
Good luck with everything Dianne, I wish you all the best :)

Michelle said...

how cute! I love it.. very professional. :)