Monday, April 17, 2006

Getting closer!

Well, my banner is SUPPOSED to look like the picture in the post below. But I am getting closer! I have no idea why it split itself into 4 parts. If anyone out there knows, please leave a comment and tell me!

Thanks in advance!


Michelle said...

I have no idea why it would split in 4..but hey I like it anyway! lol

Melodie said...

i am going to say maybe the size was a factor, i dont know how bt the banner should be for the area your trying though, i have tried to mess with it myself before and never had much luck with it, so your doing better than me at least getting an image to show up.
i will see if i can find a tutorial about it and if something has the size its supposed to be and pass it on your way.

Cami said...

Very Cool banner Dianne. I hope you get it to work :)