Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Year--New You!

So it's been a year since I took my first set of self-portraits. My birthday is in April (on the 30th) so I've decided to take a self-portrait every year in April. Here's what I though was the best 4 (out of the 21 I took so far). Which one do you like best? Count from one to four in clockwise from the upper left and let me know!



Melodie said...

i like them all, they all say something different to me, just the expressions/look on your face can go with different page layouts/themes.
but if i had to pick just one i liked the most i would say #4 just simple and beautiful, love the black and white also.

Anonymous said...

top left.

Your hubby

Dee said...

I like the bottom left.

Anonymous said...

I like #3


Anonymous said...

I like #1 best, and #4 second-best.

Brenda said...

I like #1 the best!

Great idea to do that every year.


Anonymous said...

I like no.1!!! Of course you are just beautiful so they all rock!! :)


Amanda said...

Love #1 ... it shows you are vulnerable, funloving, and caring.


Susan said...

I like the bottom left

Dawn said...

#1! Love that one!

Anonymous said...

I like #1 best. I just might have to borrow your idea of an annual self-portrait.

Take care.

Becky said...

top right