Thursday, May 18, 2006

Man I love Pictures!

Last night I was in charge of a church youth group scavenger hunt. Not just any scavenger hunt, but a Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt. My little group of girls made up a list of 10 things to find and then we split into groups (boys and girls) and went out into Albany to find them. It was such fun to see how each group interpreted the lists! I think my favorite shot was the "something big, round, and red" that my group took first. Here are some interpretations for you!

I feel like I am moving from "just lucky" with my camera to knowing how to set up and get good shots. I still haven't read my manual all the way through (I and I know I should have done that a long time ago) but I am figuring out more and more how to frame a shot, use the light to my advantage, and click at just the right moment. It's becoming a wonderful challenge to me to take just the right shot. I hope you enjoyed these!


Michelle said...

thats cool..what a way to inspire some creativity in the kids too!

karen said...

OK, that's about the most awesome scavenger hunt idea - ever! I love it! Great photos, too!