Monday, May 08, 2006

Home Safe and Sound

We made it home safely. It was a wonderful trip. Definitely broadened my horizons. I think that everyone should travel when and where they can. Anything that broadens your mind and expands your sense of self should be enjoyed. I'll have more to say later, but I wanted to say here that what I felt most while seeing all of the historic sites of Boston was gratitude. I'm grateful to everyone who stood up and spoke out and fought and died for the freedoms I enjoy today. I hope that I can be as courageous should the need arise.

The picture is of the center of the Quincy Market. This was the original marketplace of Boston. When they needed more land, the people of Boston chopped off a hill and filled in the harbor that was on the edge of the marketplace. Now it's shops and restaurants and bright and beautiful. All of the signs are original to the marketplace. And I have to tell you, the restaurants all smelled AMAZING!

But back to the gratitude. I think that freedom's biggest enemy right now is apathy. Too many of the American people aren't doing anything--even voting. I think that this recent news blurb sums it up best. A father was running for a state senate seat and the voting in the primaries ended in a exact tie. AND NEITHER OF HIS TWO SONS VOTED! And, to make things more interesting, BOTH sons were registered voters in the same political party as their father!

Please, whatever your political views are (and I don't want to start a debate here) enjoy the freedoms that came from the sacrifices our forefathers made. Educate yourself about the issues and exercise your right to vote.

And that's the other side.

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