Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A RECORD high!

I'm not sure what the official high was yesterday, but I heard it was a new record. We've been having lovely mild summery temperatures in the 7o's, but yesterday, according to the temp in my van, it was up to....99 degrees! It hovered around 95 for the most part, but it was still HOT! Thank goodness my hubby said "It'll be real hot today, close up the house" in random passing about 8 am as the kiddos left for school, 'cause we stayed pretty cool all day. I'm also thankful for the ac in the van and the wonderful built-in hepa filter that filters out all of the cottonwood and other pollens.

On unrelated news, I head back to one of my favorite places in Oregon--Seaside--for a wonderful scrappy weekend with a very select group of ladies. Should be a wonderful, rollicking good time, as the women I am going with are all some of my favorite people in the whole wide world! I'll post pics of what I accomplish when I get back! I'm feeling VERY creative and very much in the groove!

Enjoy your day!


Michelle said...

wow its warm there too! We're always boiling in the south :) Have fun on your weekend trip! sounds like a great time :)

Tanya said...

What a switch, Dianne... you've got the 90's up there and it's in the 70's here in FL today. Freaky. Your scrappy weekend sounds like it's going to be a blast... have fun! =)

Bobbie said...

Have fun in Seaside. We had a record temp here in Medford yesterday, it was 96. I think we missed spring this year, went sraight from winter to summer.

Cami said...

Have fun at your scrappy weekend