Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stepping Out

I'm stepping out of my comfort zone. I've wanted to start taking casual portraits for people in an official capacity. I've been reading about light, rule of three, framing a shot, really any photography tips I can find. I asked one of the sweet girls I work with at church if I could take her senior pictures for her as part of this practice. This one is one of my favorites. Hope you like it!

According to the blogging thread on 2 Peas you are supposed to post an organization tip for your studio. I don't know if I have any tips, but there are some things that have helped me. Think about how you scrap BEFORE you buy a bunch of organizing stuff and (as no fun as it is, it's true) put thing away AS SOON as you finish a project. I get so scatterbrained w/my stuff I have to put things back IMMEDIATELY after I use them whether I'm finished with a project or not. Otherwise I'll lose them halfway through whatever it is I am working on.

That's all for today...Enjoy!

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