Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Power is in DOING!

So I've been looking a bit at my life and how I spend my time. I admit it, I am an Internet junky. I LOVE looking things up on the Internet, reading news and entertainment gossip, looking for new art and scrapbooking inspiration, learning about new hobbies like photography and collage/mixed media art, and reading blogs. I love reading people's stories! I actually have to set a timer to remind me of the passage of time so I don't spend all day reading about things on the Internet. (And if my mother is reading this, yes, I know this is not the best use of my time. Keep reading for my realizations. Love you Mom! MWAH! Big Kiss and Hug)

I've also been a bit frustrated by my desire to create pages and sew for myself and other things, but feel like I have no time left after caring for my home and doing my essential daily household tasks. (I'm sure you can see where I am going with this...)

The other day, I realized that I was tired of looking for new ideas and inspirations. I need to actually be DOING something. When we stop thinking, planning, dreaming, wondering, wanting, wishing, learning. visualizing, thinking, planning some more, and start DOING we claim our power. The power is in the actual doing, not the thinking about doing. No matter how small that first step is, it's still movement, not sitting there just thinking about moving. I wrote a blurb once that started with this sentence: The pursuit of a dream requires action. The key words there are pursuit and action.

Have you thought about your dreams lately? Have you forgotten them in the mad rush of daily life? Have you set them aside for a time, so you can focus on what needs your attention right at that moment? Or are you learning, thinking, planning, preparing for the day you put action behind your pursuit of your dream. Take that first step.

My moral of the story? I closed the laptop and started doing. I scrapped a little. Baked some cookies and muffins. Played games with my kids. Worked in the yard a little. I started moving.

No one can get your dreams but you. The power is in doing.

And that's the other side.


em said...

Hi Dianne!!

Thanks so much for the awesome goodies! Now that I know who you are I'm going to have to frequent your blog more often! This is a great post...I feel like I spend WAY too much time on the internet and not enough time doing the things that I should be!

Thanks again!

Rockester said...

So very true!!! This is one of the core sentiments I try to share with people too. It is one thing to dream and another to follow that dream ACTIVELY. Good luck to you on paring down internet time and increasing sewing time. I love to quilt and need to make time for it more often myself. Best, Rockester

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for writing this! It truly inspired me and I hope to follow my own dreams by DOING them too. You're an inspiration!
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Cami said...

I know what your saying girl & you are very inspirational.
My problem, I have come to that I just plain love my computer/internet. I love being here as much or more than I do scrapbooking. I've spent alot of time feeling bad for not doing enough scrapping. But in the end, have come realize how happy it makes me. It is my vice, almost the core of defining who I am. Sad but true, it is ME.