Friday, July 14, 2006

Some Ocean Love

We really had a good time at the Oregon Coast. Here are some pics of the boys playing in the ocean at Agate Beach in Newport, Oregon. C wasn't too thrilled about the temperature of the water--anyone familiar with the Oregon Coast knows that the water is COLD! Either way, both boys enjoyed the water immensely! C was a little nervous when the water rolled back into the ocean--I think he felt like he would go with the wave. I had to keep coming over to him and hold on to him so he would feel safe.

I love this action shot! H, my oldest son, has had a life long "caution" around water. He's not necessarily afraid of it, he just knows that when he is in water, sometimes the water controls his body, not the other way around, and he doesn't like it. This is the FIRST TIME I think, he's ever romped around so freely in the ocean. It is the first time I've ever seen him have so much fun with the water. They were playing "chase" with the ocean waves, and would yell "aaauugh!" as the ocean came to get them.


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Cami said...

great pics!
I am really excited to take Samantha to the ocean for the first time in a couple of weeks when we go on our vacation! I hope to get great pics too!!
Glad your family is having a wonderful summer :)