Sunday, November 06, 2005

Planners and Life

So, as promised, here are pics of the planners I'm making for craft bazaars this year. I'm also teaching this planner as a class at the LSS. I'm going to create a brand for them--based on my love of Italian and my love for paper. I also now own my own binding machine! (Courtesy of my sweet husband snagging it from a dusty closet at his parents house--or maybe it was his Dad's appraisal office? No matter--they don't want it and I have it...yay!) I bought some clear plastic binding combs. I thought at first I wanted wire, but after a series of mishaps at the local staples resulting in the redoing of two planners--(well actually the same planner, but it's been bound 4 times and I had to redo the covers twice because of ripping and misaligned holes--and it's still waiting to be redone because the gal at Staples tore the holes apart by accident)--I've decided to stick with the clear plastic. They look really cool! plus without a large wire, they will fit more easily inside purses, etc. These pics are of the one I made for myself--I'll get some pics of the ones I am selling in a bit.

I am putting the words "Life" and the year on the cover. I like how that sums things up--it's a little scrapbook all about our (my) Life. You have your calendar pages, and then an original menu planning/shopping pages, a page for notes, and what I like to call a "sumpin' pretty" page where you can put quotes or pictures or both.

If anyone wants one, they sell for $22. They have a library pocket on the inside front and back, and a ribbon loop closure that you stick a pen through to keep it shut. I can make it from Basic Grey, Junkitz, SEI, Urban Lily, Pixel Decor, and probably others in my stash. The calendar is a vertical or portrait orientation. (Mine is the opposite) I also use Bazzill. I hope to make a planner a day between now and my craft bazaar the first week of December.

Smiles to all! Enjoy your LIFE--however it's planned!

And that's the other side.


Tanya said...

Love the planner, Dianne! It's gorgeous... and so usable, too. Hope you sell a lot! =)

Dianne said...

gorgeous planner Dianne!!

Michelle said...

Love it! Good luck with it.