Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A sort of Catch-Up Post and a Clearance Sale

I've been busy! I've been cleaning/rearranging my house, dealing with back to school stuff, helping my daughter get her red belt in Tae Kwon Do, driving for family outings and mini-reunions, hanging out with Karen Burniston, and so on.

I'll write a more detailed post later, but I wanted to say that I've decided to revitalize my online store. Lots of stuff on clearance, and lots more coming. Check out the link on the right to The Cardstock Queen!



kathy m said...

I didn't know you were "the" Cardstock Queen! Don't you find that owning a site, you fall in and out of love with it? That's the only way I can descibe my relationship with my site. Good Luck with CQ!

Kathy M

Cami said...

I wanna get over there and score some UL, before you sell out! HOpefully I'll get a chance soon to do some shopping!