Saturday, January 07, 2006

Getting Closer to the After!

Well, today I unearthed the homework desk under the pegboard. I've also switched the white dresser with another small desk that was in another part of my Scrap Nook. Now I can have my sewing machine close to my scrap desk. One of the things I want to try this year is sewing on my pages.

Let's have a game! The first three people to comment on my blog and tell me what letter is back on the wall (it was missing in the previous picture of my messy space) will get a package of Bazzill Buttons (colors will vary--but do tell me if you have a preference!). Look closely! (NOTE: this game is separate from the SBT game--please don't post here AND there. Thanks!)

If you really want to work for a prize, tell me what the letters stand for and I'll throw in something else as well!

And that's the other side--cleaned up!


Kim, mommy to 3 wonderful boys and a sweet baby girl said...

I think I missed the chance to post an answer on SBT but when I came to look, I saw the note that you wanted three people to guess here as well - lucky me!

The letter missing in your before was "D" - looks like the after photos say DKN whereas before was just KN. And, my guess is that they are your initials (based on your middle initial being K on the post identifiers on your own blog!)

Kim, mommy to 3 wonderful boys and a sweet baby girl
SBT member

Stout Family said...

Dianne-I saw your link on the scrapbook connection. I hope you don't mind the comments. I agree that those were your innitials and the D is missing. Your space looks great.

Colleen said...

definately DKN and it stands for your name. very easy!!

no need for buttons. i'm not commenting just to get free shtuff

Cami said...

Awesome job Dianne, way to reclaim your space!