Friday, April 20, 2007

I've been Tagged!

My first tag in the blogosphere! I'm so excited! I was tagged by Lindsay, an online friend of mine who made it pretty far in the recent MMIdol contest (yay Linds!). So in my first official tag, I'm to come up with 7 random facts about me and then tag seven others.

Here goes:

1. We've lived in our house in Albany for just over 4 years now. I'll be 37 later this month, and this is the longest span in my entire life where I've had the same address. Yep, about every two years I get a little restless. No, we have no plans to move anytime soon.

2. I was a contestant on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" in April, 2000, during it's heyday, when it was on 4 nights a week (or something like that). Yes I met Regis Philbin, No, I didn't get into the "hot seat". We had a carryover contestant who took most of our air time. The only other guy who beat me in the practice rounds was in the chair when our filming time ended. He carried over. Statistically speaking, if we'd had the 4 "fastest finger" rounds that were considered "average" for the show, instead of 2, I'd have had a chance at it. Oh well. It was still a cool experience, and one that takes people by surprise when I tell the story.

3. I was on the fencing team at my Junior College. I was the top female fencer on the team. I really loved it, and kinda wished I'd kept up with it.

4. I graduated from highschool 6 weeks after I turned 17. I graduated from Jr. College 3 days BEFORE I turned 19. I ended up going to school for 8 years. I got my AAS, two BS degrees and 9/10ths of a master degree. We won't go into why I didn't finish my masters degree. It's still a little raw.

5. I have 3 kids. Their ages are 12, 8, and 4. I like even numbers.

6. I was once a Mary Kay Sales Director. I lived in a pink bubble and loved it most of the time.

7. I can sing in 5 languages.

Lindsay also added 7 random scrapbooking facts. I liked that idea, so here goes:

1. I started my own online scrabooking store about 3 and a half years ago.

2. I own more Basic Grey patterned paper than any other manufacturer.

3. I was skeptical about how wonderful Bazzill cardstock was. Then I got some. Now I have a lot.

4. I teach scrapbooking and papercrafting classes at Stampin Cat Studio. Lovin' that. I designed a year long series of classes this year called "Paper School" I give a "lecture" on some aspect of scrapbooking and then we make a mini-book using whatever technique or information I taught about. Coming up with 12 different, easy--yet somewhat challenging--MiniBooks that are chock full of products has been a little tricky. Still I really love working there.

5. I've been scrapbooking for about 11 years now.

6. I'm unhappy when I don't get to work on something papercrafty 'cause my life is too busy at the time.

7. I love to empower women through creativity. That's why I teach classes.

Okay....who to tag.....let's try: Tanya, Amy, Kenny, Shell, Karen B. Cami, and Colleen



Tanya said...

This was fun to read, Dianne! Interesting that you like to move so often... I'm just the opposite. :-) It was fun coming up with my own 7 random facts, too!

Dianne K. Nelson said...

I don't necessarily LIKE to move, I just have done it....I'm kinda programmed to do it....I'm pretty happy staying put right now.


Cami said...

Fun reading all your little random facts Dianne! and thanks for tagging me...hopefully I can come up with some stuff and won't bore you :)
Hope your having a GREAT day!!!

Cami said...

I finally got mine up!

*scrappy smilez to you*