Thursday, June 29, 2006

IN my head....

I've decided something.

Instead of keeping all of my thoughts jumbled around in my head, I'm going to try to write them down here a little more often.

Today's thoughts: why we women need best friends.

I went through a period of time where I didn't really have a best friend. I had lots of nice women that I called my friends, but not one of them did I feel that I could trust with my intimate thoughts--usually revolving about venting about something my husband did--and the like. All kidding aside, it's very lonely when you don't have someone like that in your life. Someone who doesn't judge you, and who listens when you talk, and who thinks you are wonderful just because you are you, and who doesn't really mind all your crap, 'cause they know they have crap of their own and you know all about it. I hope you get my point.

So when we relocated about twenty miles away from where I'd lived for the past 16 years, I was surprised and pleased to find someone who grew into my best friend. Very nice. Not perfect, but who wants a perfect friendship all the time? More than that, who wants the pressure to be perfect all the time?

Anyway, the point of my story: Saturday, I had to run some errands. DH was home, 3 kids playing outside in the newly purchased wading pool. VERY hot for our neck of the woods. Instructed above mentioned 3 kids to either "get sunscreen or shirts on" or they would regret it. Came home just over 2 hours later to NO sunscreen and NO shirts. Needless to say, they ALL got sunburns of various degrees and painfulness. I was SO ANNOYED!!! Angry, frustrated, flabbergasted, annoyed some more, stunned that DH didn't think about double-checking the sunscreen when HE came outside, mad, frustrated, and just pained in my heart that my babies had to suffer so afterwards. NO ONE ELSE in my family could understand why I was so mad.

Monday--two days later. Explained/vented the whole thing to above mentioned BF. She summed it up so eloquently before I even got to finish:

That just makes you the chokin' and explodin' kind of mad!

That was it. She got me. No explanation needed. And suddenly I wasn't mad anymore.

THAT's why we need best friends.

And that's the other side.


Cami said...

Glad you have such a great friend you can turn to, that's awesome!
poor kiddos, hope they are feeling better...ouchies!

Jen said...

I totally know what you mean Dianne! I have one of those friends, and he is amazing for me. :o)

amanda said...

I hope the kids are doing ok now! I wish I had that kind of friend.. I had them as a kid, and now as an adult I long for one, I pray for one, and the closest thing I have is on a VERY long trip to NY and her cell phone isn't working. But it isn't the same. she is my co-worker/boss. at least it is better than nothing.... maybe there still is hope for this nearly 40 gal...

Michelle said...

that was so good..and so true.. sometimes if we can just vent it out we can let it go and make sense of it. We have to wonder are we nuts or does anyone else agree with me.. it always helps to have that friend that says.. hey I know what you mean.