Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Swimming through Words

I am surrounded by words. Words run through my head like the binary code that runs at the beginning of the movie Matrix. Words I read on the several emails/newsgroups I get every day. Words I want to write down. Words I say. Words I should say. Words I am thinking abouat saying. I am swiming every day in a sea of words.

I've been thinking a lot about my Grandparents. My Grandma Price died in February shortly after I got married. I don't know if she even realized that I did get married. My grandfather also died in February when I was sixteen. I've always thought that he died just as I was becoming interesting to him (I don't think he had much patience for small children). So in February, I think about my Grandparents and my heritage. It helps that I recently had my cousin and his girlfriend, his parents, his little brother, and my Aunt from Utah here this last weekend. Nate and Cindy came to visit me; Aunt Joy and Uncle Scott drove from Spokane to check on Grandma Reese, and Aunt Lila decided to join them. Matt just came along for the ride.

I've decided to write a memoir of sorts...mostly just a collection of small essays--but things that are more auto-biographical than fictional. Mostly, I want to get some of these words out of my head! I need to sleep at night, and these words and stories keep tugging at the edges of my brain demanding to be heard. I'll post here least a rough draft.

On a side note: I've been asked to teach a scrapbooking class through the Albany Parks and Rec for their Senior Center. It'll be a four week class, mostly for seniors, with different levels of scrapbooking experience. I'm expecting them to be beginners. I've titled the class "Scrapbooking Your Personal History. I'm looking forward to it. I've also lost about 15 pounds since December. I've been doing what I call "old school" aerobics in my office, walking more, and doing Pilates 4-5 days a week. Man I LOVE Pilates. More about that later though.

And so it begins. And that's the other side.

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