Monday, February 27, 2006

Gettin' ready

Well, I am preparing today for a class I am teaching tomorrow on my planners and blank journals. A dear friend of mine is helping me jump start my class business. I will also have things ready for them to make cards. Should be fun, and help me use up some scraps! I have A TON from all of the planners I made at Christmastime.

I have a "Family Yearbook" class on Friday. I'm stoked 'cause it's a different group of people, AND because everyone pre-paid like I like. I hope to get more classes from this. My business cards from vistaprint came just in the nick of time today. They really are beautiful, and I am very pleased! I'll take a picture later.

I'm teaching a class at the Senior Center for Albany Parks & Rec in April called "Scrapbooking Your Personal History." I'm not only designing an album for this, but I'm also creating a Family History Workbook to use in conjunction with the album. Sort of a book of "scratch paper" so you can get all of your information in place before you make the album. I'm pleased with how it's coming together so far.

More later...that's the other side for today!


Michelle said...

Good luck with your class!

Cami said...

WOW! Dianne, you are so busy & still stay so cheerfu :)
don't know how you do it but you rock! Have fun with your classes