Monday, April 18, 2005

How Cool is That?!?!

Okay, I'm about to share a deep secret part of me. I want to be a Scrapbook Celebrity. At least I want to rub shoulders with them and have good parts of me come out in recognizable ways because of what I've learned from them. I would be thrilled to death if they included me in their circle of things. I've been reading all of these great Blogs by these ladies--Ali Edwards, Donna Downey, Cathy Zielske and Tara Whitney (I limited myself to these for starters--I have to get off of the computer SOMETIME during the day to take care of the mundane little details of my life--like feeding my kids, loading my dishwasher, rotating laundry...etc., etc.,). Anyway, I posted to the Simple Scrapbooks message board (SSMB) that I really liked DonnaD's blog and she read my post. And then read my blog. And then she posted a comment that said that she liked it--and me by extension! HOW COOL IS THAT!

So why aren't I a Scrapbook Celebrity? Ah, there's the rub. I haven't tried out. I've been furiously devouring these great books and pages and magazines and layouts and ideas to make MY scrapbooking better but I've not entered anything. Well, I guess that's not quite true. I've sent in a handful of pages. Like three. Not a lot. And not enough to get noticed. So now I'm on a quest. I'm going to work this year to get noticed. And that scares me spitless.

One of my online girlfriends has a quote in her signature line that goes something like "What we risk is also what we value." Well, what I am risking by putting my work out there to be noticed is me. Myself. I. So the real question then, is, how much do I value myself? Do I value myself enough to go through the effort to take some digital pics of my layouts and size them to the right dpi so I can submit them electronically? Do I value myself enough to figure out what the heck a "dpi" is? Do I value myself enough to just try?

One step...a journey begins with one step. Time for me to make that step. It's better than not trying at all.

And that's the other side.

Here's my self-portrait, courtesy of Ali's challenge. (see above)


Danelle said...

Hi Dianne,

Just a note to say hi and say, go for it. Share yourself with the world, we'd love to see your stuff.


Danelle said...

Forgot to say that I say your post on Donna's blog.

donna downey said...

i just think it's funny that you call me a celebrity. i personally think YOU ARE COOL!!
rock on dianne!

Anonymous said...

What great eyebrows! I would kill for such. But since I gave them to you I'll just bask in the glow of acheivement. Remember, the ancestor of every act is a thought. You've always been a superstar to me. Love Mom